This site is dedicated to support fundraising by UK charitable Hospices.  There are no fees or charges to be paid by your hospice and you control the sale of the items through your own shop or website payment systems.  Artists throughout the world, who are members of the club, have agreed to paint and donate prints of their hand painted artwork for sale in UK Hospices. This is to assist the hospices in raising funds to help them provide the invaluable services they offer to seriously and terminally ill people and to maintain a degree of comfort and dignity during their final days. 

Paintings vary in size from postcards to Christmas greetings and larger beautiful scenic views of lakes, mountains, seas and the stars. The Christmas Greeting can be downloaded by your supporters and sent to all their friends as an electronic greeting inplace of cards.  To see a larger image of the picture, please hover over the picture and click your mouse.  Use this enlarged image to print your picture.  Please use this enlarged view for printing.

To prevent fraud, you will need to use the password in your email.   From there you will be able to view and download any or all of the paintings to either show on your own website or print off individual paintings locally.  Your supporters will be able to print off copies at home once you have the paintings available on your own site or request that a copy be sent to them via the order form on the How to Use page. The Christmas Greetings can be sold as electronic greetings that your supporters can email to their friends instead of cards.  Quicker and cheaper and more sustainable.


Where you want Hospicefundraising.UK to email the items directly to your supporters after they have paid you, please complete the order form at the bottom of this page. We will then issue the digital artwork directly to them at no cost to you.  This may be useful for selling the Christmas Greetings cards as your supporters can simply forward the email to whoever they want.


Let It Bee

by Marcos Tabasso


by Marcos Tabasso

Bip Bop

by Ninoum

Uncommon Friends

by Flippergirlpaints

This little piggy

by Flippergirlpaints

Forest Friends Babies

by Flippergirlpaints

Goodnight, goodnight Construction site

by Mgiese84

Sea Turtle

by Flippergirlpaints

Sleepy Head

by davidF

Playfull snail on a rainy day

by abha

Tiger - painted at 14 yrs old by Flippergirlpaints

Grumpy Clown Fish

by Lilimkins


by Coldethel

D'yer Finkysaurus

by Tel


by Flippergirlpaints

Fall Gnome

by LinzeePaints

Molly's first kiss

by Flippergirlpaints

Little Girl with Butterfly

by Patriziad

Dream Big 

by Patriziad

Sinnoceratops - an imaginary friend

by Flippergirlpaints


by Indicationofart

Elsa's Moment

by Patriziad


by Patriziad

Inner child

by flippergirl paints


by Paintingblondie

Kite Flying Bear

by JimPen

Peta the purple pangolin

by Nivek1971

Bewildered Frog

by Cronenberg89

Hopeful Eyes

by Son of Nivek

Rose Meadow

by paintcrazy19

Christmas Greetings

Free Spirits -childhood memory

by Patriziad

Santa Ozzybear

by Lilikins

Crystal Lake

by Daddyslilmonster

Krystal Grandad

by pamlovespainting

Vintage Chrismas Deer

by paintingblondie

Christmas on the Valley

by IronChef8000

Krystal Grandmother

by pamlovespainting

Freedom All Over the World

by Madam Mouton

Going Home

by Moai

Midnight Run

by Evarawks

Ho Ho Ho

by Felix

Looking out of the Window

by Vmehta

Mini Christmas

by Nivek1971

Lavender Winter

by Ryderstoned

Mountain Cabin

by Yeet Yeet

Looking or Food

by Son of Nivek

Night Light

by Juan with the road

Northern Lights

by Lightsnow

Seasons Greetings

by Sunnylady

Stay at home for Christmas

by Tom0779

Shades of Grey

by ThmsBoyd

Sunset View

by Bindu Chomatti

The Snowman Box

by LJMP Paitings

This is the Season

by Sharon

T'is the Season

by Painyislife367

Woodland Christmas


Winter Night

by Lyzzi

The Snowman

by Tel

Winter Cabin

by Curleybap

Angel with Evergreen

by Voy Kay

Aurora Triptych

by rockwithspock

Nightime Angel with Evergreen

by Doggymomee


by Flippergirlpaints

Christmas Eve

by ForestViewGallery

Cats, Dogs and Horses

Soft Love

by Laura Knight

Cat with no Name

by Flippergirlpaints

Tabby Cat

by Flippergirlpaints

Bella's Perch

by Flippergirlpaints

Waffle's Adventure

by Flippergirlpaints

German Short Haired Pointer 

by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints

Mabel - Grand Mastiff

by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints

Proud little Beagle

by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints

Brown Horse

by Flippergirlpaints


by Flippergirlpaints

White Horse

by Flippergirlpaints

A Dream of Birds

by Flippergirlpaints

The Buzzrd

by Flippergirlpaints

Peek-a-Boo Chippie

by Laura Knight

Patriotic Eagle

by Flippergirlpaints

Night Fox

by Flippergirlpaints

Peapods Acorns

by Flippergirlpaints

Sacred Ibis

by N Kav

Little Red Fox

by Flippergirlpaints

Copper Maran Rooster

by Flippergirlpaints


Winter Stillness

by Patriziad

Pop Ross

by letspaintapicture

Lavender  Winter

by Ryderstones

Lake Louise Alberta Canada

by Patriziad

Mountain Challenge by Patriziad

Snow Fall by


Western Expanse

by Patriziad

Blue Moon

by Patriziad

At Dawn's light

by Patriziad

Arctic Beauty

by Patriziad

Winter Stillness

by Patriziad

View from the Park

by Patriziad

A trace of Spring

by Patriziad

Mountain Bliss

by Pietro1963

Tree Spirit

by Lilikins


by Patriziad

A Walk in the Woods

by Patriziad

Storm on the Horizon 

by Patriziad

Mount Fuji

by Patriziad

Water Lillies

by Patriziad


Burnham Beeches Forest Path


Blue River


Cabin at Sunset 


Cottage deep in the country


Evening Peace


Twilight Meadow


Sunlight in the Shadows 


Wimnter Sunrise


Golden Rays of Sunshine 


Great Mother Coatlicue

of the Serpent Skirt   by NKAV

Evening at the Falls


Royal Majesty by NKAV

Ceridwens Children